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Dusty Roads Entertainment uses only Professional sound equipment that delivers quality sound to all its events.  The equipment uses the latest technology including wireless microphones and digital lighting to enhance the musical atmosphere experience for all guests.  

Some of the brands used are:  Shure, Chevet, American DJ, Pioneer, Yamaha, and Harbinger.  In addition, a high powered HP Laptop controls the whole system delivering worry free operation during the events.  


With the best in sound systems and over 10,000 song selections, it is easy to provide quality music selections for all ages at your event.  In addition, an online request link is delivered to the DJ, and if it is in available, the DJ will play the selection.  I will do my best to accommodate as many patrons as I can to ensure the party continues.  

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Lighting can set the mode for any party or event and Dusty Roads Entertainment uses the latest Digital lighting systems. These Systems use lighting from ADJ, Chauvet DJ, utilizing a DMX Digital signal to control the perfect atmosphere for listening, dancing, and enhancing any event.  We provide these with any scheduled, booked event.